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Lecture Series – “Education Matters III”.

Pictures from the first “Lecture Series” session Ireland’s Contribution to the English Language with Michael Carroll.


It is a pleasure for us to present, the new edition of the lecture series entitled “Education matters III“. The main aim is to foster the development of a space for knowledge and reflection in the field of education, especially on those aspects related to the English language.

We hope you attend and enjoy these lectures.

Fee: member (free) non member (20€)

Account: Sa Nostra. 2051 0100 53 1070014218

We have requested a credit for training to the Conselleria d’Educació, Cultura i Universitats.

Lecture Series – “Education Matters II” – Liam Fitzpatrick.

We would like to share with you some pictures from the third lecture series “Boosting Brain Power: How to fully activate our students’ brains in the EFL classroom” by Liam Fitzpatrick.

Lecture Series – “Education Matters II” – Tom Stutter & Vivienne Birch.

Our Lecture Series have just started and we would like to share with you the presentation and the action classroom template that Tom Stutter presented in the first Lecture Serie “Classroom detectives;  a look at informal action research” and some other documents and pictures of the second lecture series “Proud to be Prejudiced”. Why I believe it’s cool to think Jane Austen is awesome” by Vivienne Birch.

Jane Austen Crossword.
Jane Austen Images.
Proud To Be Prejudiced.