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Creative Café – Living and Teaching in Dallas: A Big Challenge

Yesterday, another session of our Creative Café took place at Ciutadà Il·legal. We all had a wonderful time visiting with Ana Gonell. In her talk, Ms Gonell shared with us her experiences during her stay in Dallas (Texas – USA) as a bilingual teacher. She gave such an encouraging and motivating talk in which not only did she explain how she adapted to the American lifestyle and how she (successfully) managed to teach as a Pre-K teacher, but also gave us some tips on how to “survive” to the cultural shock. 

Here are some pictures taken during her talk “Living and Teaching in Dallas: A big Challenge“. We hope you like them.

APABAL Newsletter 3.

You don’t want to miss our APABAL Newsletter #3. Have a look to check on the different events which have been held lately and find out info on our next Creative Café. 

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Pictures from the VII APABAL Convention

The interesting and motivating plenaries and talks were key for our VII APABAL Convention to be a success. Check out some pictures from our event

Kahoot Evaluation Results VII APABAL Convention

We are proud to share with you the evaluation results from our last VII APABAL Convention.

Kahoot summary results_VII Convention



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APABAL Newsletters 1 & 2.

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