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Creative Café – Moving Around the World.

It is a pleasure to invite you, one more time, to a new session of our Creative Café that will take place on Wednesday, 20th February at 18:00 h.


This year APABAL (Associació del Professorat d’Anglès de les Illes Balears) is for the first time organising a series of literary lectures in the English language, sponsored by Obra Social “La Caixa”, CaixaForum Palma.

The dissemination of the language and culture of English-speaking countries is one of the main objectives of our association. To this end, we have invited three keynote speakers to give a series of talks on the following famous twentieth-century English speaking writers: James Joyce, Virginia Woolf and Robert Graves.

These talks will be given entirely in English during March and April 2019. They are designed to be accessible to a wide audience, and are geared towards people who believe they have a sufficient command of English to follow a lecture in this language.

For more information about the lectures and the speakers, please refer to:

  • 18/03/2019, Monday – “Joyce, Dublin and the European City”.


  • 25/03/2019, Monday – “Virginia Woolf: “The Sea, Street-Haunting and Suggestive Power”.


  • 01/04/2019, Monday – “Robert Graves: “A literary perspective on contemporary warfare and love”.


Tickets are available at this address:



APABAL VII CONVENTION – List of our guest speakers.

Click on the image to read the biodata and abstract of our guest speakers.

All The Best For The Christmas Season

Taller oposicions a Secundària.

Pictures from our fourth and last session of this season’s Film Series – English Language Indian films.

Here you can see some pictures from our fourth and last session of this season’s Film Series. THANK YOU for coming.