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Call for papers


We are planning to launch our fourth issue of our “APABAL Magazine“, for that reason we are starting to ask for articles to be published in it.

Any methological article, European experience, classroom experience, Educational tips, book reviews…

If you are interested send your proposal to info@apabal.com.

The Apabal Magazine will have (ISSN)

Jolly Phonics Course in the press.

Click on the image to read an article about the Jolly Phonics course and published in Diario de Mallorca, June, 15th 2011.


Learning to Read and Write in Infant and Primary Education.


Dia del professorat en llengua anglesa (English Teaching Conference).


2nd OXFORD SEMINAR on Primary and Secondary Education.

Here you can see pictures from this event featuring Patti Trimborn, Jessica Toro and Nina Lauder.

Blended Learning with adult learners of English.

invitationWith the right tools and materials, blended learning means that you can get extra mileage from your face-to-face classes, while helping your students to get the most from what they study in their own time. It will also save you time and help you successfully monitor all your students’ progress both inside and outside the classroom. In this session, we will look at some of the basics of blendelearning and then a specific system developed by Pearson Learning- My Labs.

Click here to download the invitation.