Pictures from our third session of this season’s Film Series – Jane Austen Bicentenary.

Today we have watched the third film in our film series. “Mansfield Park”, a mysterious and intriguing novel that in many ways doesn’t follow the usual pattern of Jane Austen’s fiction. It contains issues of gender, sex and slavery.

Directed by Patricia Rozema, the film departs in many ways from Austen’s novel, but its characters are adapted and tinkered in a very powerful way. Rozema gives a new approach to the film, by referring to Jane Austen’s journals and diaries and taking them as a model.

This year, we have been holding a raffle in each of our film sessions, and people attending them have been able to win a book or a DVD on Jane Austen’s works.

Click here to download the presentation used in this film session.

We would like to remind you that APABAL is a non-profit teachers’ association trying hard to stay alive; this cannot be done without your support. We wish to thank you all for your attendance and full cooperation.

As always, we have included some pics of the sessions.