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APABAL, amb el suport de Richmond, convoca el concurs de vídeos “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION”.  El concurs va adreçat al professorat d’àmbit autonòmic que imparteix Llengua Anglesa o altres àrees impartides en llengua anglesa. Aquest any, es pot participar en dues categories:

Categoria A: Alumnes d’Educació Primària (5è i 6è nivell) i d’Educació Secundària (1r i 2n d’ESO)

Categoria B: Alumnes d’Educació Secundària (3r i 4t d’ESO) i Batxillerat (1r i 2n).

Clicau aquí per descarregar el document amb les bases de convocatòria completa en format PDF.

Clicau aquí per descarregar el document d’inscripció en format PDF.

Els terminis de presentació de vídeos són de l’1 de desembre de 2020 al 30 d’abril de 2021.

“10 Communicative activities that work online” – Webinar Materials

Dear readers and friends, 

We are happy to share with you the recording of our Webinar “10 Communicative activities that work online” by Scott Thornbury. In case you missed the event or want to watch it again, here you have it.

Thornbury’s talk was about fun and interesting activites that can easily work online by keeping students engaged and motivated. These activities are highly communicative and can be adapted to many levels.

We hope you find these useful! 

–> Click here to get the PDF presentation material.


Join us at our Webinar “10 Communicative Activities that work Online” by our guest speaker, Scott Thornbury.
You don’t want to miss it!
Click on the link below to access the webinar:

APABAL 10th Anniversary Video

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of APABAL, we have produced the following video compiling the main activities carried out by our association over the last ten years. We regret not being able to include a full account of all of them as well as a complete list of all participants and sponsors, since it would be too extensive.

This overview can provide a general idea of our work. We also wish to encourage English teachers to join APABAL and send us suggestions for future activities.

The video has also been produced to thank our members, partners and sponsors for their essential and valuable contribution. We hope to resume our program as soon as the current situation improves.    




On this issue number 10 (November 2020) you will find articles on Teaching during and after Lockdown as well as our winner Short Stories, book reviews, interviews, and so much more. 
We also include a brief summary of upcoming activities.
We hope you enjoy it!

NEW! Online version

Click HERE to read and download the PDF version.