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Welcome back teachers!

Happy Holidays!

Dear members and friends,

School year is almost done, and as we all know, it has not been a normal one at all due to the lockdown that we have been living in for the last months. This situation has brought about a change in our routines and has consequently shaped our daily lives, not only in our country, but worldwide.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been the most tragic experience so far. Primarily, this has resulted in the cancellation of all activities scheduled for the last few months, among these, the VIII APABAL Convention. We wish we could have celebrated our 10th anniversary properly by holding a special event with all of you.

We are trying to schedule the next school year 2020-2021 taking into account the current situation. We will keep you informed through our website, Newsletter, and Facebook.

On behalf of the Apabal Board we wish you a nice Summer holiday, you deserve it. We hope that next September we can start the school year in good shape, and without any lockdown going on.

Aina Carreras Nadal


As APABAL, we are always happy to award the best entries to our contests. This year, we started with the Annual Short Story contest, but since the COVID-19 outbreak began, we have not been able to host any get-together or event with the winners. Instead, we asked them to send us their best pictures holding the award certificate. 

So…we would like to welcome you to the winners of our First Annual Short Story Award!

Congratulations Teresa, Helena and Antònia! Thank you so much for sending us your short stories. 

A proper award ceremony will be organized as soon as we can after the summer.

“Lights, Camera, Action! 2020” Awards

This might be long overdue, but we are happy to share with you some photos from our annual video contest Awards. Due to COVID-19, we had to act accordingly, but still, we were able to go on with the delivery of the prizes to the wonderful teachers and students who participated. 

Congratulations and thank you so much for your collaboration and understanding.

We are so looking forward to next year’s contest!

Winner – “Passive 4Being Active“. CEIP Punta de n’Amer.


Save the elephants“. C.C. Escolàpies.

Cooking is fun“. C.C. Santa Maria.

Read the short stories

We are thrilled to share with you all the three short stories which made it to the top 3. Congrats!

Click on the images below to read them.

Final resolution – 1st Annual Short Story Award

Dear APABAL followers and friends, 

We are happy to announce the winners and the finalist of our first Short Story Award.

Congratulations to all the people involved and a big thank you to those who sent us their written compositions.

Check the contest results on the image below.