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“LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!” Video Contest 2022

APABAL, amb el suport de Santillana, convoca el concurs de vídeos “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!” del curs 2021-2022.

El concurs va adreçat al professorat d’àmbit autonòmic que imparteix Llengua Anglesa o altres àrees impartides en llengua anglesa a:

  • Alumnes d’Educació Primària (5è i 6è nivell)
  • Alumnes d’Educació Secundària (1r i 2n d’ESO)

Clicau aquí per descarregar el document de les bases de convocatòria completa en format PDF.

Clicau aquí per descarregar el document d’inscripció en format PDF.

Els terminis de presentació de vídeos són de l’1 de desembre de 2021 al 30 d’abril de 2022.


Due to the interest shown by English teachers to become civil servants, APABAL has organised a course for “Oposicions” for teachers of English.

To be held at IES Guillem Sagrera
On Thursdays: from 18:00 to 20:00

We offer a limited amount of places. If you are interested in attending or if you need more information send a mail to info@apabal.com


Welcome back teachers!

The 2021-2022 school year is almost here and we are thrilled to begin!

APABAL hopes that you made the most of your summer break and that you can start this year full of energy and enthusiasm.

Happy back to school, teachers!! 


The APABAL team wishes you all a good Summer!

We hope that you take your time to unwind and relax so that you can start a new school year full of energy and motivation!


This year, despite the COVID-19 restrictions, we were able to meet the winner and finalist of our annual “Lights, Camera, Action!” 2021 video contest.

Thank you so much for participating and keep on motivating and engaging your students.

*Click on the images below to enlarge.


Iolanda Carrillo

CEIP Na Caragol (Artà)

Video: “Women in Science Project” – 5th Primary


Diana Barceló

CEIP Punta de n’Amer (Sa Coma)

Video: “Save the Med Project” – 5th Primary

Short Story Contest 2021 Winner

Dear readers, friends and followers,

We are thrilled to announce that we finally have the contest results.

Congratulations to Helena Sánchez Gayoso for being the winner of our 2nd Short Story Contest. Thank you so much for participating!

Click HERE to read the Short Story “Mamáland”.

Read the definitive resolution below.