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VIII APABAL CONVENTION – “Thinking Positive”.

Dear members and friends,

APABAL, the English Teachers’ Association of the Balearic Islands is proud to announce the celebration of its VIII APABAL Convention, which will take place on the 24th of April 2020 under the theme “Thinking Positive”

-10 hours attendance will be certified by the Conselleria d’Educació.

– Registration until April 20th, 2019.

*Registered participants will be provisionally accepted.


Formal registration will not be effective until the bank transfer has been made and notification has been received by the Organising Committee.

Click here to READ the REGISTRATION INSTRUCTIONS (fees and payment).

Click here to REGISTER for the VIII APABAL Convention.

For inquiries or more information, send an e-mail to info@apabal.com

**COMING SOON – Convention Programme


On this issue number 9 (October 2019) you will find articles on Education and Literature as well as book reviews, interviews, and successful classroom experiences. We are also taking the opportunity to keep you updated on our upcoming activities.
We hope you enjoy it!

NEW! Online version

Or click here to download PDF.


APABAL, amb el suport de Richmond, convoca el concurs de vídeos “LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION“.  El concurs va adreçat al professorat d’àmbit autonòmic que imparteix Llengua Anglesa o altres àrees impartides en llengua anglesa. Aquest any, es pot participar en dues categories:

Categoria A: Alumnes d’Educació Primària (5è i 6è nivell) i d’Educació Secundària (1r i 2n d’ESO)

Categoria B: Alumnes d’Educació Secundària (3r i 4t d’ESO) i Batxillerat (1r i 2n).

Clicau aquí per descarregar el document amb les bases de convocatòria completa en format PDF.

Clicau aquí per descarregar l’annex en format PDF.

Els terminis de presentació de vídeos són del 15 d’octubre de 2019 fins al 15 de març de 2020.

Creative Café – Teaching in Dallas

It is a pleasure to invite you, once again, to a new session of our Creative Café that will take place on Thursday, 7th November at 18:00 h (at Ciutadà Il·legal, Pòrtol)

This time, Ana Gonell will share with us her experience while her 3-year stay in Dallas.  She will explain how she managed to settle in the school community and how she eventually earned her colleagues’ and students’ respect.

Please, fill out the registration form to confirm attendance.

Film Series – Women in Film and Literature

APABAL presents a new Film Series in the original version. We have carefully selected four movies based on Women in Film and Literature for you to enjoy.

All sessions will be preceded by a brief introduction to its filmmakers and story behind the plot.

VIII APABAL Convention – Thinking Positive

Dear members and friends,                   

APABAL, the English Teachers’ Association of the Balearic Islands is proud to announce the celebration of its VIII APABAL Convention, which will take place on April 24th 2020 under the theme “Thinking Positive“.

Stay tuned for further information.