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Newsletter June 2020

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Do not miss this chance to check on past and upcoming activities! 

Newsletter March 2020

Check out our latest newsletter issue to find out more about our activities and chances to show your and your students’ talent! 

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Newsletter 10th APABAL Anniversary and more!

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APABAL Newsletter 4 & 5

Check out our last newsletters 4 and 5. You will find out about forthcoming and past events. We highly encourage you to join us in interesting future activities which have been carefully prepared for you to enjoy in a learning and relaxed environment.

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APABAL Newsletter 3.

You don’t want to miss our APABAL Newsletter #3. Have a look to check on the different events which have been held lately and find out info on our next Creative Café. 

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APABAL Newsletters 1 & 2.

Be sure to check out our Newsletter to keep up with all the activities organized by APABAL. 

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