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APABAL MAGAZINE #6 released!


APABAL is pleased to present the sixth issue of APABAL MAGAZINE.

In this fourth issue you will read articles about Job Shadowing, Foreign Language Exchanges, Tips for teaching pronunciation to High School students, interviews and much more …

Click here to download the latest issue.

Call for papers


We are planning to launch our sixth issue of our “APABAL Magazine“, for that reason we are starting to ask for articles to be published in it.

Any methological article, classroom experience, Educational tips, book reviews…

If you are interested send your proposal to

The Apabal Magazine will have (ISSN)

APABAL MAGAZINE #5 released!

APABAL_Magazine_5It is a great pleasure to present the fifth issue of our magazine, this year devoted to CLIL as you can see from the title “APACLIL”.

Get ready to find an impressive collection of articles focusing on various aspects of teaching content through English and the methodology, new skills and strategies that CLIL requires.

The articles range from theoretical pieces to practical proposals; all are aimed at throwing some light on the concept of teaching and learning a subject through the medium of a foreign language. A constant is the dual-focused dimension of this task: learning content and a foreign language simultaneously (Marsh, D. 2002). The articles chosen are aimed at primary children, secondary teen-agers, as well as adult learners.

Click here to download the latest issue.

APACLIL Magazine on IB3 Radio.


Due to the launching of APACLIL Magazine, the president of APABAL, Montserrat Garcia was interviewed by “El Faristol” on IB3 Radio.

Click on the player to listen.

[audio:|titles=APACLIL Magazine on IB3 Radio]

APACLIL Magazine on

apabal_magazineClick on the picture to read the article.

Creative Café and APACLIL Magazine Launching!

Here you can see some pictures from our CREATIVE CAFÉ and APACLIL Magazine Launching!. THANK YOU for coming!