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VIII APABAL Convention – Positive Thinking

Dear members and friends,                   

APABAL, the English Teachers’ Association of the Balearic Islands is proud to announce the celebration of its VIII APABAL Convention, which will take place on April 24th 2020 under the theme “Positive Thinking“.

Stay tuned for further information. 

Curs de preparació per a les oposicions

Email us for more information on this new Oposicions d’Anglès training course.

Welcome back teachers!

School period is about to start with plenty of new engaging adventures for you and your students. APABAL wishes you all a very happy first week of school and year ahead.


Teaching for Success Conferences – British Council

APABAL is glad to share with you some information about the 4th annual conference held by the British Council. This year’s theme is “Teaching for Success“.

Click on the image below to find out about the venue, how to register and more.



APABAL wishes you all a nice holiday and hopes you come back with recharged batteries. 

Enjoy your Summer to the fullest




Creative Café – Living and Teaching in Dallas: A Big Challenge

Yesterday, another session of our Creative Café took place at Ciutadà Il·legal. We all had a wonderful time visiting with Ana Gonell. In her talk, Ms Gonell shared with us her experiences during her stay in Dallas (Texas – USA) as a bilingual teacher. She gave such an encouraging and motivating talk in which not only did she explain how she adapted to the American lifestyle and how she (successfully) managed to teach as a Pre-K teacher, but also gave us some tips on how to “survive” to the cultural shock. 

Here are some pictures taken during her talk “Living and Teaching in Dallas: A big Challenge“. We hope you like them.