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Creative Café – Living and Teaching in Dallas: A Big Challenge

Yesterday, another session of our Creative Café took place at Ciutadà Il·legal. We all had a wonderful time visiting with Ana Gonell. In her talk, Ms Gonell shared with us her experiences during her stay in Dallas (Texas – USA) as a bilingual teacher. She gave such an encouraging and motivating talk in which not only did she explain how she adapted to the American lifestyle and how she (successfully) managed to teach as a Pre-K teacher, but also gave us some tips on how to “survive” to the cultural shock. 

Here are some pictures taken during her talk “Living and Teaching in Dallas: A big Challenge“. We hope you like them.

Pictures from the VII APABAL Convention

The interesting and motivating plenaries and talks were key for our VII APABAL Convention to be a success. Check out some pictures from our event

Pictures from our Creative Café – Moving Around the World

Check out some pictures from our last Creative Café “Moving Around the World”. We’d like to thank Fiona McCourt for sharing her amazing experiences with us, and everyone who joined us at our event.

Pictures from our Creative Café – Hong Kong-Mallorca: East meets West

Here you can see some pictures from our Creative Café Hong Kong-Mallorca: East meets West. THANK YOU for coming!

Pictures from our Creative Café – Come to our Pub Quiz.

Here you can see some pictures from our Creative Café Come to our Pub Quiz. THANK YOU for coming!



Based on the Kahoot evaluation results and the comments of many teachers attending the VI APABAL Convention, we can proudly state that all the sessions received a very positive feedback. All the good appraisals won make us feel encouraged to continue to work with renewed enthusiasm for the benefit of all teachers of English of the Balearic Islands.


The main topic of our convention was mostly related to new approaches to project work for the English classroom.

The plenary session was given by Lindsay Clandfield (sponsored by APABAL) who presented many new ideas on the use of multimedia technologies and how these were related to the use of projects. His approach was very engaging and illustrative, and was followed by a workshop where all participants enjoyed taking part in a very creative and innovative project.


Robin Walker (sponsored by Trinity College) approached the subject of project work from various perspectives, all based upon his long experience in the field of education. His talk was highly valued since it provided teachers with the opportunity to practice many useful ideas on how to work with projects.


Paul Seligson (sponsored by Richmond Publishing) fully succeeded in presenting new ways to motivate students to approach “longer” readings. He provided the students with many new ideas on the subject in a very clever, dynamic, and entertaining way.


All teachers in Schuyler Hedstrom‘s session (sponsored by APABAL), were thrilled by the way he encouraged the use of drama and music in the English classroom. They thoroughly enjoyed participating in a “rock band” during the workshop following his talk.


Maria Bel Andreu (sponsored by APABAL) dedicated her session to prove that mindfulness-based practice is highly successful to reduce negative feelings in the English classroom. The session took place in a very serene relaxing atmosphere.


Sam Pickard (sponsored by Burlington Books), as he always does, proved once more his skills to entertain his audience while giving a very effective educational approach to his sessions. The participants enjoyed a well-selected background music during his working session. There were prizes for people who joined in.


On the same day, APABAL held a meeting to present the activities carried out, together with the updated account statement. Teachers were invited to comment on the future of the association and make suggestions about it. Attendees were also invited to join in as members and were also encouraged to present a renewed leading committee.


Before closing the event, the fifth year students from the CEIP Rafal Nou, who were the winners of the video contest “Lights, camera, action” were awarded their prize and diplomas for their successful video “CEIP Rafal Nou News”. The contest had been promoted by APABAL. The winning group teacher, Àngel Molina, and the students’ parents also attended the event. All of them were very pleased, even though the students felt a bit nervous when their video clip was shown in public.

At the close of the Convention, a prize raffle was held by APABAL. The winner was awarded an e-book reader.
The following book publishers also contributed with the following prizes and presents:
• Richmond Publishing: a spa set
• Delta/Progreso three backpacks
• Trinity College: two “teatrillos” (cases)
Congratulations to all of them!!!

From here we wish to thank all participants who made it a memorable event.